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Luxe Organizing Solutions is a boutique home organizing firm dedicated to bespoke systems, aesthetic design, and turn-key service. Our forte lies in creating custom-curated and maintainable systems centered around our clients and their unique goals and lifestyle.

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centered around your specific goals and needs

Welcome to Luxe

Our team of elite organizers is both passionate about and dedicated to creating not only beautiful systems, but those that are sustainable and reflect the specific needs of the clients and families with whom we work. We would love for you to learn more about our professional home organizing team based out of Greensboro, Georgia. 

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Where organization and aesthetic design meet

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Home Organization

Partial & Whole Home Unpacking

New Beginnings

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From a single room to multi-space projects, home organization is at the root of what we do here at Luxe. Our team seeks to turn your priorities and needs into a reality through carefully curated organizational systems and maintenance plans that support your busy lifestyle. 

While we love working in current homes, our team also thrives on creating move-in ready spaces to ensure that, from the moment you walk into your new space, every inch is utilized to its fullest potential and customized to your and your family’s unique needs. 

New Beginnings is our full-fledged concierge moving service that goes well beyond unpacking your belongings. Alongside unpacking and organizing your items,  we will curate everything you need to make your new house a home,  from cleaning supplies to kitchen staples to linens.

Organization that works for you

“I can’t say enough positive things. Emily is very professional and talented when it comes to organizing and designing solutions for any space in your home - no job is too large or too small. She has magically, and beautifully, transformed multiple spaces in our home, including the garage, and I look forward to more projects with her” 

- Piper L

“Emily swooped in and worked literal magic in no time. She knew right away what to use and did an absolutely incredible job”

- Lindsey M

“We are so thankful for Emily’s work. She created a beautiful and functional space in our pantry. Everything now has a specific location making it easy for storage and keeping everything fresh and I can easily make a list of what we need before going to the store. I never thought I would say this, but my pantry is now one of my favorite places in our home— it’s beautiful & really gave our house that extra sparkle I didn’t know was missing. We can’t wait to have her back to do our bathroom and closets!”

- Michelle L

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